Even when the odds are against you, with self-determination and support, miraculous things can happen. Molly receives services from our Supportive Housing program, which provides housing support services to individuals with a documented disability and are in need of supportive services to maintain housing. Molly knows of this journey all too well. After hitting rock bottom from a heroin addiction, Molly admitted herself into an inpatient recovery program to clean herself up. She successfully completed the program, but was now clean, sober and homeless with no where to turn.

Molly lived out of her car prior to her participation in the Volunteers of America Supportive Housing program. With the support offered by Volunteers of America staff, she was able to make a fresh start. While in the program, Molly complied with all guidelines and recommendations. She has not had any further substance abuse or criminal occurrences and is actively pursuing the acquisition of her G.E.D. Her success in the program made her a good referral for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, which will allow her the freedom to move and own a home. Molly exemplifies the levels of success that can be reached with a little push and perseverance.

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