Can you imagine not having a gift to open at Christmas?  We provided services to over 72,000 people last year.  Many were not able to experience the joy of Christmas.

You can “adopt”  one or more of these persons or a family during the holidays.  We provide specific information about the person in need and what gifts would be appropriate.  In return, you and your employees receive the valuable feeling of adding meaning and joy to the lives of others. There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday season than spreading joy in the communities we all call home.

Who can you help?  A disabled child living in one of our community homes; at-risk children in our after school program; a Mentoring Children of Promise participant (children of incarcerated parents); a child whose parent is receiving mental health services; a formerly homeless man getting housing and support to rebuild his life or an adult with disabilities receiving services so he or she may live independently.  We have many families and children in need who are not able to celebrate the holiday season.

If you’d like to help us help others close to home this holiday season, please contact Anna Scheffy in our office at (504) 486-8664 or Anna can also discuss the project in greater detail with you and answer any questions.

Help to make the holidays more meaningful and enjoyable in your workplace and give back to people in need in our community.

One thought on “Donate a Christmas Gift to a Person in Need

  1. The value of giving cannot be overstated. Helping someone else will make the holiday season even brighter. My family and I take part in a similar opportunity in our area. Knowing that you’re helping lift the spirit of someone less fortunate is worth more than all the presents we get each year.

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