Vincent is a man-about-town in Slidell, where he lives and works. He loves to go dancing. He displays unique moves and presents flowers to the ladies. He works out at the gym.

Things weren’t always so rosy. Born with Down syndrome to a loving family, Vincent spent his childhood at Hammond State School. It was common then to place children like Vincent in institutions.

When Vincent was older, Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans helped him find a better way. He moved into one of our residential community homes, where he lived with seven other persons with disabilities and a caring staff. Vincent flourished.

Five years later, Vincent yearned for more. Our Supported Living Services Program helped him move into his own apartment and find a job. Vincent led an even more independent life.

Vincent was recently diagnosed with early dementia, a common diagnosis in persons with Down syndrome. Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans is supporting Vincent and meeting his needs. He remains in his home with our staff providing round-the-clock care. When he needs more, he can move back into our community home.

Says Former Supported Living Services Program Director Jenny Dexter, “We have lived every step of life’s journey with Vincent for more than 30 years. This next phase will be no different. Just like your family, Volunteers of America is part of Vincent’s family. We adjust to life changes to help him live a good, whole life. If we weren’t there for him, who would be?”

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