Financial abuse affects individuals of all ages, but never are the effects more devastating than to a senior living on a fixed income.

Ms. Gloria, a 94-year-old woman living in a senior independent living facility, faced this stark reality, but Volunteers of America’s Elderly Victim of Financial Abuse Supportive Service Program was there to help.

Gloria’s physical limitations confine her to a wheelchair, but she thrives at her independent living facility. When our case manager met with Gloria, her story was heartbreaking. She needed legal assistance, medical assistance and a number of other services to fix her financial state. What a difference those services made.

Gloria now receives homemaker services, and her financial issues have been resolved. She is receiving the medical attention she requires along with other resources needed to live a happy life without the threat of her limited funds being mismanaged.

Our financial abuse program has helped more than 105 Orleans Parish seniors avoid and remedy the life-changing effects of financial abuse later in life. Thanks to a grant from the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and our generous donors, Volunteers of America can help Orleans Parish seniors like Gloria avoid an uncertain financial future.

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