It’s been a tough year for 55-year-old Kevin, but your support gave him back his freedom.

Kevin completely lost his sight on May 6, 2018, when surgery to reverse the effects of diabetes on his eyes failed. Suddenly, his world went dark, and he couldn’t navigate the steep steps to his front door.

That’s when Volunteers of America’s Repairs on Wheels program stepped in.

“The ramp made it so much easier on me,” Kevin says. “It had my directions on point. I’ve got my bar handles to hold on to, and I’m able to get into my front door. It keeps me out of danger, and I know it was God who gave y’all the idea of how to build it.”

Besides building a 75-foot ramp complete with benches that Kevin uses daily, Repairs on Wheel made other repairs such as installing grab bars in the master and hall bathrooms to make his home safer.

“The guys that came here really made an effort to show me that the love was still out here,” Kevin says. “Not one of them missed a beat. They even worked out there in the rain. I told them not to do that, but they made sure that I could get in and out my house. I really appreciate that. Y’all really look out for people.”

The Kenner resident was a self-employed entrepreneur working to get his detailing service and new food truck off the ground. But when he lost his sight, things changed.

“It’s like that took my life away from me because I was independent and getting myself together,” he says. “I thank God for y’all for making it better for me. I was on the verge, and I wanted to kill myself because I couldn’t handle it. But now, I have a new outlook.

“I really appreciate y’all. I’ll never forget it. The love that y’all sent out here was amazing. It was one call, and it changed my life.”

The Repairs on Wheels program makes free home repairs – fixing locks, carpentry, plumbing, window work – as well as larger mobility repairs such as handrails and wheelchair-accessible ramps for those that qualify. The program serves low-income homeowners and persons with disabilities in Jefferson, St. Charles, St. Tammany and St. John parishes as well as the City of Kenner.

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