More than three years ago, your support helped bring David and Jai Juan together, and now, their bond is stronger than ever.

David decided to become a mentor in the Mentoring Children of Promise (MCP) program in 2016. Our MCP program connects caring mentors with at-risk youth, providing a positive adult influence in the child’s life. From the minute David and Jai Juan met, they knew their bond would be special. Jai Juan was a 13-year-old, eighth-grader in New Orleans when they met. The two soon bonded over their love of sports, especially baseball.

Jai Juan loves to play baseball. The two were soon in contact and made regular trips to games, the park, and restaurants. David even went with Jai Juan on high school tours and supported him 100% in his decision to apply to Lusher Charter School. Jai Juan is now 16 and just finished up his sophomore year at Lusher.

“Jai Juan is so smart,” David says. “He has such a gentle spirit and easy-going nature. I think I’m getting more out of this mentorship then he is most days! It is such a privilege to see someone as wonderful as Jai Juan flourish.”

When COVID-19 forced the two to be separated, David knew he had to find a way to stay active in Jai Juan’s life. The two soon started meeting a few times a week via FaceTime and began to text each other a lot!

“One thing that we did was have a meal together, just like old times,” David says. “We had a pizza delivered to both our houses and talked over FaceTime. It may not have been the same as in person, but it was good to just catch up until we could be together again.”

Even in these trying times, our mentors and mentees are finding innovative ways to stay in touch. Sign up to become a mentor today!

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