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Audrey’s Story

The following is a story from our Elderly Protective Services program (EPS), which works to prevent, remedy, halt, or hinder acts of abuse and neglect against elderly adults in the community while promoting the maximum possible degree of personal freedom, dignity, and self-determination for these individuals. For confidentiality purposes, the client’s name has been changed.

Audrey is a female in her 80’s who was living alone in a flood-damaged home in Jefferson Parish. EPS received a report from Emergency Management Services that Audrey was in trouble. She refused to go to the hospital, and when EPS arrived, they found her home in dire straits. There was just enough space to get around in the house, which was littered with clutter. Audrey was found sitting on her bed, which had no linens or sheets on it. Her living quarters were filthy. There was an unresponsive dog on the bed with her.

Audrey’s son was called in, and he encouraged her to go to the hospital to be evaluated. She went, and found out that in addition to a broken hip, all her other vital signs were off.

Audrey was nursed back to health and brought to a nursing home to be near her son. She is now doing well thanks to Elderly Protective Services’ intervention.