The Journey to Achieving Dreams

Christopher has deep blue eyes, honesty, humility, and tenacity for animal care that drives him to pursue a career as a Veterinary Technician. His determination is strong as he works to overcome the challenges that are inherent in his developmental disability known as Asperger’s syndrome, which falls on the Autism spectrum. Individuals like Christopher often display characteristics such as loyalty and highly specified… Read More

Taylor Flies High – Volunteers of America Helps Man with Autism Soar

Taylor Hardouin, a 28-year-old with autism, doesn’t have much to say. In fact, he rarely talks or shows emotion, even to Christy Cachere, his personal care assistant who works with him two days a week in Volunteers of America’s Supported Living Program. But one thing brings Taylor out of his shell—airplanes and flying. Every Wednesday, Christy takes him to… Read More

Clay Flourishes with the Help of Supportive Living Services

Clay was on and off the streets and living with his parents before Volunteers of America entered his life. Clay was not working at that time and he would wander aimlessly around the city, causing him to get into trouble.  Clay started receiving services from Volunteers of America’s Supported Living Services program 14 years ago. … Read More

At Home in the Gayoso Community

Meet Kenny, a resident of Volunteers of America’s Gayoso group home.  Gayoso is one of Volunteers of America’s 12 community homes located in residential neighborhoods in the New Orleans area.  These homes provide services for adults with developmental disabilities.  Each home has a comfortable, family-like environment where residents can get the care they need and… Read More