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Glidden Professional Donates Paint for Housing Revitalization Project

Kristie Roy from Glidden Professional paints a home in Covington's West 30's neighborhood.

Glidden Professional donated paint, brushes, and other materials for a housing revitalization project in Covington’s West 30’s neighborhood. The painting project took place on the weekend of October 8-9th.  Several staff members from Glidden were also on-site to assist volunteers with painting homes.

Over the course of the weekend upwards of 100 volunteers from Glidden Professional, Volunteers of America, Home Works of America, Bridge Church, Go Church, and residents of the West 30’s utilized their painting abilities to turn a goal into a reality.   Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Chic Filet, Crispy Cream, Rouses, and Bridge Church all made sure the volunteers were well fed throughout the weekend.  Volunteers of America have heard nothing but thank you from the homeowners and the West 30’s community.

The Glidden Paint brand has consistently embodied quality and performance.  Glidden provides the tools to choose color and match trim with a professional sheen.  The houses in Covington turned out beautifully. You can view pictures of the completed homes on Volunteers of America’s Facebook page.  Glidden can be reached via their website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Volunteers of America, Glidden Professional, Home Works of America, and Bridge Church Team Up to Revitalize Covington’s West 30’s Neighborhood

Volunteers of America is teaming up with Glidden Professional, Home Works of America, and Bridge Church to paint approximately eight homes in the West 30’s neighborhood of Covington.  The event will take place on the 8th and 9th of October and serves as a part of a greater city wide revitalization project.  Volunteers will gather at Peter Atkins Park, on the corner of 28th and Tyler Street, at 8:30am to begin the painting initiative.

Glidden Paint has donated all materials for the project (paint, brushes, etc.).  Faith in Action will be on hand to help with the painting.  Faith in Action  is a community outreach program that Bridge Church organizes to get families from various churches to do the work of God outside of the confines of the churches walls.  Each homeowner will also provide a couple volunteers to assist with the painting project. Homeowners will pay for as much as they can afford with Volunteers of America finding other sources of funding to complete the revitalization project.

The revitalization project is spearheaded by the Renaissance Neighborhood Development Corporation (RNDC), a collaboration between Volunteers of America National Service and Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans to create 1,000 units of housing in Post-Katrina New Orleans.  RNDC is working in emerging urban neighborhoods to create developments that are proximate to jobs and employment opportunities, have good access to basic commercial services and are well-served by public transportation. Learn more on the RNDC website.

Tenants Begin to Move in to The Groves

Tenants get to start moving into The Groves at Mile Branch Creek this weekend in Covington, Louisiana’s West 30s neighborhood. The Groves provide 94 mixed-income rental apartments.  66 of the apartments are for occupants with low-incomes, adjusted for each tenant’s income level; while 28 of the apartments are being leased according to current market rates.  Victor Smeltz, Executive Director of Volunteer’s of America’s Renaissance Neighborhood Development Corporation explains that The Groves is making housing affordable for a range of different people including those with very low incomes as well as those with middle incomes who might otherwise have to commute to Covington due to a shortage of housing options. 72QDP3XXNJD2

The Groves was carefully designed to emulate the architecture of old Covington and painted in a range of bright colors. The apartments come with porches, balconies, washers and dryers, and granite counter tops as well as other amenities.  The Groves also includes computer rooms, a community center,a community park, and counseling services for those in need.

The Groves continues to lead the way towards the revitalization of Covington’s West 30s neighborhood with 35 single-family homes currently under construction to be ready for tenants in the next year or so.  To learn more about The Groves visit the Renaissance Neighborhood Development Corporation’s website: More on the move-in can be found in the Times-Picayune article featured on

The Groves, a New Mixed-Income Housing Facility

The Groves, a new mixed-income housing facility in Covington, will consist of 94 rental housing units in a mix of one-, two-, and three- bedroom apartments. Groundbreaking will occur in the fall, with units available for lease beginning in the winter of 2011. 30 single-family homeownership opportunities will also be available. Rental housing units will be available to families and households at a variety of incomes with the market rate rents starting at $650 for a one-bedroom. Twenty of the 30 single family homes will be built by Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West. For more information, visit RNDC’s website,

Seniors Living in Style

The Terraces at Tulane is a newly constructed 200 Unit Senior Housing Development with a 3,000 square-foot community center and health clinic located at 3615 Tulane Avenue in New Orleans. It is managed by the Renaissance Neighborhood Development Corporation, a partnership between Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans and Volunteers of America’s national office to create 1,000 housing units in post-Katrina New Orleans. The Terraces replaces a development located in New Orleans East that was rendered inoperable by the storm.

All apartments at the Terraces are one-bedroom units and provide housing for senior residents aged 62 and older who have incomes at or below 50% of the area median income. The location offers excellent access to public transit, medical care services, and basic commercial services. Two other major tax credit developments are now under construction within six blocks east of the site.

For more info on the Terraces at Tulane, visit RNDC’s website here, or call 504-482-2440 to reserve an apartment.