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Billy Don – Once Homeless, Now Has Something to Write Home About

Billy Don worked off shore most of his life.  Due to an alcohol problem and a troubled family life, he was never able to save much money.  When his health became so bad that he could not work any longer Billy Don had to use what money he did have on bare necessities.  When the last of his meager savings was gone Billy Don found himself homeless.  During this period he lived in his truck.  When the weather got really cold he sneaked into the AA clubhouse after meetings to keep warm. Billy Don had undergone years of turmoil with the oil company he worked for trying to collect his pension and he feared he would not live long enough to see this happen.  After reaching rock bottom Billy Don was placed in the Shelter Plus Care Housing Program run by Volunteers of America. This program provides rental assistance and support for homeless people and for those struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues.

In just under a year Volunteers of America received a letter from Billy Don reporting on the happy changes that had taken place – he was finally able to collect his pension and now owns a small farm in the countryside!