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Clay Flourishes with the Help of Supportive Living Services

Clay was on and off the streets and living with his parents before Volunteers of America entered his life. Clay was not working at that time and he would wander aimlessly around the city, causing him to get into trouble.  Clay started receiving services from Volunteers of America’s Supported Living Services program 14 years ago. 

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Mental Health Services Give James the Right Treatment

James was living under a bridge when he first encountered Volunteers of America.  He had been homeless for over 7 years as a result of an untreated mental illness.  An outreach associate with Volunteers of America’s Mental Health Services assisted him with getting to a hospital for proper diagnosis and medication. The outreach associate provided

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Crisis Response Program Addresses Mental Health Needs in St. Tammany Parish

Over the past five years the suicide rate in St. Tammany Parish has risen over 30 percent. Last year, 39 people took their own lives in St. Tammany Parish and there were more than 480 attempted suicides. Based on last year’s statistics, about 17 out of every 100,000 in the parish committed suicide, which is

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Mental Health Services on WWL

Melissa Haley, Director of Supportive Services for Volunteers of America appeared as a guest on WWL TV with Sally Ann Roberts this morning.  Melissa spoke about Volunteers of America’s Mental Health Services.  It was noted that anytime there is a crisis, i.e. hurricane, floods, tornadoes, it spikes mental health issues in individuals whether they are

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Albert Finds a Home

The following is a story from our Mental Health Services program, which serves people with chronic mental illness and who are homeless to live independently in the community. Albert lived without a home for over 5 yrs. In April 2009, he was enrolled in our PATH (Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness) program, which

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Volunteers of America Staff Featured in WWL and Times-Picayune articles

Click here to read a piece from WWL about New Orleans’ mental health delivery system post-Katrina, featuring Rebecca Thees, our Coordinator of Disaster Related Services. Click here to read a piece from the Times-Picayune about mental health issues in post-Katrina New Orleans, also featuring Rebecca Thees.