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David and Ashley’s Adoption Love Story


Like many couples in love, David and Ashley married and wanted to start a family.

When they realized getting pregnant was not possible, they made the decision to explore adoption with Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans. Five days before Christmas 2015, David and Ashley lovingly welcomed their son Beckett Christian to their family; it’s a holiday they will cherish forever.

An adopted child herself, Ashley says that God led her and her husband to Volunteers of America and to their angel on earth – the Adoption Program’s social worker who shared the incredible three-year journey with them. They are especially thankful to Beckett’s birth mother for her selfless act of love and for turning to Volunteers of America for assistance with her unplanned pregnancy.

Adoption and Maternity Services on WWL

This morning Lori Arceneaux was featured on WWL with Sally-Ann Roberts. Lori is the Program Coordinator of Volunteers of America’s Adoption and Maternity program. Volunteers of America began operating maternity homes in 1915 and was one of the first adoption agencies to become licensed in the state of Louisiana in the late 1940s. Over the last several decades this program has been helping to unite families in the New Orleans area. Read more below…

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Sally-Ann invited Lori and two adoptive parents to talk about their experience with Volunteers of America’s adoption services. When Jennifer and Neal found out they couldn’t have children naturally, they turned to Volunteers of America to help them adopt a child. They were ecstatic that the adoption process went smoothly and were relieved to have Lori there to help them through each step. When they adopted their son at 3 weeks old, it felt natural and bonding came instantly. Volunteers of America promotes openness in adoption but supports the birth mother in what’s best for her. As Lori explains, “We’re there to provide counseling and support to all members of the adoption triad: composed of  adoptive parents, birth parents, and adopted child. Serving since the 1900’s provides stability to help throughout a child’s life. It’s very common that we receive calls long after the adoption for help or support and we’re here for as long as people need us to assist them.”

Volunteers of America has also partnered with the Dave Thomas Foundation’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program that seeks to find loving, permanent homes for both younger and older children in foster care. Lori wants people to know that “facing infertility and struggling to create their family doesn’t have to end in not having a child. There are lots of options out there.” To find out more about Volunteers of America’s Adoption Services call Lori Arceneaux at (504) 836-8714 or e-mail larceneaux@voagno.org.  For more information from our website, click here.